The Perfect Colon Cleanse

Our bodies have been made in such a way that there is a constant need to expel unwanted remains of food particles and any poisonous waste produced by the body. There are numerous symptoms that indicate when there has been a build up of waste that needs to be dealt with. Some of the symptoms include constant fatigue, lack of energy, stomach related problems, unexplained headaches on the extreme end cases of stomach related cancers.

Anytime there is one or a combination of the telltale signs that you have such a build up of waste, it is then time to think of a colon cleanse. But before you go to your practitioner to ask for the details, it may also be a time to check out on your daily diet. A healthy diet is one of the ways you can check the build of waste in your colon. If the old adage that says you are what you eat is true, then it is truer here than anywhere else. You need to know and add foods in your diet that will help you to detoxify naturally.

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Foods high in fiber

When you go on your search for the proper detox diet you will discover that the benefits will go beyond what you will be looking for. The result of taking this kind of diet will not only be a clean up but will also assist in weight management. Foods that help in colon cleanse are basically foods that are rich in natural fiber. These are foods that are most likely eaten raw like fresh fruits and many vegetables that can be steamed and many others. The other good side effect will be you will not add extra weight.

The vegetable that usually beats all the rest is the renowned broccoli due to it's high fiber content and citrus fruits and apples are on the top of the list as well. Remember to include whole grains in your diet as an integral part and when you go shopping go for anything brown. Try brown bread and rice, wheat germ, plain nuts and most kinds of seeds which are good also. Lentils and beans are very effective as well. Do not dismiss this diet just like that. Once you learn how to prepare these foods well even your tongue is going to join you in continuing.


A lovely drink that will assist you in your colon cleanse program is yogurt. Yogurt usually contains plenty of health bacteria that will help in keeping your colon clean. So when you buy your yogurt just make sure to check the ingredients and look for words such as Lactobacilus acidophilus in the list. Eating right is surely the best way to keep your overall health at it's best.

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