Digital X-Ray’s

We are proud to offer full digital X-ray technology to all of our clients. Besides the panorex, cavity detecting (Bitewings) and tooth specific (P.A.) X-rays, we now have a CBCT or Dental Cone Beam CT Scanner. These digital X-rays use up to 90% less radiation than the conventional method where actual film is used. The panorex image allows us to see more bone, the sinuses, as well as the complete roots of the teeth with only one X-ray.

The Bitewings and P.A.’s are mostly used for specific teeth that require a greater magnified view of an area. Finally, the new CBCT scan (dental CAT scan) has opened a whole new field of diagnostic capabilities. It assists in the detection of cysts, lesions, tumors, radiolucencies, as well as bone height and width, which is critical for planning implant placement. Our clients and those referred to us by other dentists no longer have to travel to Barrie to have the scan done, and it is about ½ the cost as well. The actual scan takes about 20 seconds. The results are up and accessible in about 2 minutes.

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