Laser Therapy

One of our most advanced pieces of technology is the laser. These have been out for about 12 years or so, but the first ones were huge machines, and were extremely expensive. The one we have is actually a small cordless model, and its particular wavelength makes it specialized for soft tissue treatment. It has many applications including improving the appearance of the gum line, speeding up healing after deep scaling by the hygienist and crown lengthening. It is especially valuable when preparing the teeth and surrounding gums for a crown as it is great for trimming tissue, allowing us to see the edges of the tooth preparation which is vital for a successful crown. Please be aware that any time the laser is used, protective eyewear must be worn by all members of the dental team in the treatment room, including you. We will remind you of this during your treatment.

Another use for the laser is for healing cold sores and canker sores. During the last few years we have successfully treated cold sores that disappeared with 1 or 2 treatments. Normally these bothersome lesions last two weeks or more! It is really impressive! We have used it on our team, with the same results.

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