Great Attitudes All Round

The atmosphere from day one of the Sweat Shed -The home of Personal Training in Stockport- opening has been great but this first week of the July Bootcamp Mancheste rhas seen the gas turned up a little bit more, new faces thrown into the mix, slightly bigger groups and some great results for last months Sweat Shedders has seen an even more enthusiastic and enjoyable vibe flying round the Boot Camp sessions.

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Last night saw another capacity group work through some body weight exercises focusing on upper body and core work, with a sprinkle of burpees for good measure. They all responded really well and just got on with the job in hand. This morning saw the Sweat Shedders working in Pairs, smashing through minute after minute of resisted running pushing each other the length of the shed, again brilliant attitudes all round despite me even trying to piss 'em off with the all to frequent dreaded Wall Sit!

I don't know about everybody else but I'm certainly loving being a part of such a great Bootcamp in Manchester with great enthusiastic people!!

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