Esthetics and Smile Make Overs

We are very excited to share our before & after photos of people who have “Changed Their Lives By Simply Changing Their Smile”!

This patient was referred to us by another patient that we did a build up and makeover on. He had a huge amount of wear, and kept breaking teeth and no fillings would survive in his mouth. As usual we did the mock up, showed him how we would build up his back teeth and then make the front teeth look good. He was enthusiastic, as he had always wanted a better smile. Amazingly, he still had all his teeth, and was having no sensitivity with them.

As you can imagine, when you see this kind of destruction in a mouth from grinding, it is a bit terrifying to me as a dentist, as you wonder if your dental work will end up being destroyed as well! We spent a morning building up his back teeth, then another morning on his front teeth, and I have to say, he is one of our most enthusiastic patients! He was quite happy and has sent us a number of other patients with worn teeth to be rebuilt. He is coming regularly for routine maintenance and it’s always fun to see him. This was done several years ago, and I don’t believe we’ve had to repair or replace anything. It has all stood up well! Over the past 20 years we’ve done several hundred of these kinds of cases now, and we’re becoming quite confident that they will stand up well over the years. The odd one is showing wear again, and in those cases we may have to rebuild them again after 20 years, but most are not showing much wear at all, as in this case.

This patient had well maintained teeth, always had good dental care, but she wanted them to look better, and you can see her bite has her upper teeth behind her lower teeth. We did a mock up, quickly adding some material to the back teeth to open the bite, and when you open the jaw, it swings down and back, in this case, placing the lower front teeth behind the uppers. This also gave us room to build up the front teeth, and in the process we made them look a lot straighter. When the teeth are in good shape like hers, we only have to lightly roughen the surface so that the fillings attach better, so they are barely touched. You can see that once the bite was opened in the final case, and the front teeth redone, it gives a marvellous even smile. With the bite more open, it makes the face just slightly longer, and it gives the appearance of looking much younger! We and she are very pleased with this makeover.

This patient was referred to us by another dentist because he kept breaking his fillings, and she wasn’t sure what to do about it. He had a big beard, and when we asked him to smile, this was what he would smile like.

He clearly had really worn the teeth right down.  We did the mock up, showed him what it could look like, and he booked the appointment.  We spent a morning building up his back teeth (top two before and after photos), and then shortly after we spent the morning building up his front teeth (bottom row before and after photos).



Here he is Now! What was fun, was that on the morning of doing the front teeth, he had shaved off his beard! He’s been extremely appreciative and excited about finally having a nice smile, and agreed to have his whole face showing. His smile was done over a year ago now, and we haven’t had to repair any of the fillings, so once again, the opening of the bite has solved the heavy grinding problem!

This patient drove about 4 hours to come to see us, and we spent the whole day on him. When he was young, his parents couldn’t afford to look after his teeth, and he not only has a lot of wear, but has over the years lost a number of back teeth. This really increases the pressure on the few teeth that are left. He is now a professional, and has wanted to have his teeth built up, but didn’t want to go through the whole procedure of having crowns on every tooth. We had to add on to the back teeth with filling material to open his bite up to create room to make the front teeth longer, and to create a bite that makes it so he can’t grind down his front teeth. We call this kind of case a “build up”. He’s very pleased, and will be coming back in the spring to have 4 implants placed to replace some of his missing back teeth.

This patient was referred to us because he had worn his teeth so much that they were all sensitive, and hurt even when he just closed his mouth, no less when he ate. We did a mock up that took about 20 minutes, showing him how we wanted to build up his back teeth, and when he saw how good the front teeth would look, he was thrilled. We spent a morning building up all his back teeth with filling material which covered all the worn surfaces, and opened up his bite. Next appointment we built up all the front teeth. It reduced the sensitivity, and he can now eat without pain. We did not have to build up his lower front teeth as they were not too worn. He was more interested in function and reducing the sensitivity than the appearance, but still appreciated the new smile and to show his teeth again!

This patient came in and wanted something done to replace the broken tooth. It had in the past had a root canal done, a post placed and a crown done, and it finally broke off. I don’t know if you can see it, but he has almost no space to build a tooth without having it break off right away. He had worn his teeth down a lot on the inside. We did a mock up and showed him how we’d have to build up his back teeth in order to create the space in the front so we could build a tooth. We built up his back teeth one morning, and then built up the front teeth another morning, and removed the root that was fractured, and made a temporary bridge to replace it while the bone healed. Later we placed an implant, and eventually after 5 months placed a crown on the implant to replace the broken tooth. So he no longer has a bridge there, but an individual tooth. This was done about 5 years ago, and has been standing up well.

This patient came to us because she had a number of crumbling back teeth, and fillings kept falling out. She drives 5 hours to come and see us. We spent several appointments doing root canals and fillings on her back teeth just to get things settled down, and built up her back teeth as the insides of the front teeth were quite worn, and we needed the space to build them up to protect them. Eventually we rebuilt the front teeth, and she was quite transformed as you can see. The after photo was taken right after the long appointment working on her front teeth, so the gums look a bit messy. After about 2 days, they are pretty much back to normal after these appointments. Because her original back teeth were in such bad shape, we’ve had to remove some here and there, but have always replaced them with implants and crowns, so she has a full mouthful of teeth now. When we saw her, her dentist was suggesting she’d have to have a number of teeth out, and wear partial dentures. Now she only has teeth that all feel natural.

This patient had a number of hopelessly decayed teeth, and had not been to a dentist for a long, long time. She wanted to be restored back to having a full mouth of beautiful teeth, and choose us to do the dental work. The first sessions were to do the deep cleaning and catch her up for all the years she had not been to a dentist or hygienist. Next, we removed the hopelessly decayed teeth. Then we had a long session to build up the back teeth to give her a nice even bite, and to open up her bite to give us room to rebuild the front teeth. Next session we rebuilt all her front teeth with filling material to give her a spectacular smile. Five months after the extractions, we took impressions and a 3D CT scan here in our office, and virtually placed implants to replace her missing back teeth. We then sent the information to Germany, and they sent back a guide to place the implants. We placed four upper implants all at once, placed bone in the sinuses to support the molar implants at the same time. When I called her that evening she experienced no pain to speak of at all and never had to take any pain pills. We then waited six months for the implants to attach to the bone. Next we fabricated four porcelain crowns for each of the implants here at the office and installed them the same day. The after photo shows the makeover with all the teeth except the back ones rebuilt with filling material and the upper back teeth with the porcelain crowns.

This was a fun and amazing case to do and we are thrilled that she chose us to do her makeover and that she just loves to laugh and smile again! She was also a great patient! She has even allowed us to show her face before and after! Thanks so much for that!

This patient went to a specialist that suggested her only option was to have all of her teeth out and “All on 4” implants for top and bottom – which would have been over $50,000 in treatment! She was uneasy about that plan and came to Dynamic Dentistry for a second opinion. We found that she could keep most of her teeth, have esthetic work done, and add implants only in the areas missing teeth. We’re pleased with the results so far!

This is Dr. Ross’s handiwork. This patient thought she would have to have many teeth removed, but we were able to restore all but one which was removed. She was thrilled with the result, and feels so much better about herself!

This 33 year old woman decided to come to our office based on what she saw on our website. She had not been to a dentist for over 10 years and she was extremely nervous about coming in to see us. She had been embarrassed by a dentist long ago for having such a mess in her mouth and she was afraid she would be picked on again when she came in. She was crying when we first met her. When we saw her mouth and took x-rays we were excited about doing her makeover because we knew how good she could look, and explained that we could save most of the teeth. She had several decayed roots in the back and she had a small acrylic partial with one tooth that replaced the one front tooth.

We laid out a treatment plan, starting with using local anesthetic so that we could do thorough cleanings to catch her up from the last 10 years. She was great for those sessions and started to see the improvement with the gums looking healthier and a lot of the stain removed from the teeth. Next step was a long appointment where we removed the decayed roots and refilled all of her back teeth to give her an even bite at the back, all with filling material, and opened up her bite to give us more room to rebuild the front teeth. She was also very difficult to get completely anesthetized, but we use a combination of anesthetics and we managed to get her completely frozen so that for the first time in her life she had dental work done without feeling any pain. She actually fell asleep during the longer appointments. A couple of days later we had another long session where we rebuilt all her front teeth and using the white filling material, fabricated a bridge to fill in the space where the one front tooth was missing so that she did not have to wear her partial any longer.

When she first came to see us, we took before photos and she was so used to not smiling that she could not show her teeth for the photos. She was absolutely thrilled with the final appearance, but still had difficulty smiling enough to show her teeth because of her habit of hiding them. She is a very quiet person and does not show emotion, but when she came in for the final photos she asked if she could give me a hug. I was really moved. We know this dental work is a life changer for her and we looked forward to seeing her at her six month recall to see how she is able to give a big flashy smile.

We are thrilled that she chose us to do her makeover and just love the results that you see here.

This patient was in her fifties, and had worn her teeth down in such a way that the lower teeth were in front of her uppers. She had always been told by dentists that there was nothing to be done but keep placing small fillings. We suggested that if we built up her teeth with filling material and opened her bite, we could give her a proper bite. We did the build up in one session, and she is thrilled with the result! She is missing her back teeth, so only hits on her bicuspids and the front teeth. She later had us place an implant and a crown to give her more back teeth to chew on. They are standing up well, and don’t show any wear at this point.

We have found that when we open up patients bites like this, they don’t grind their teeth nearly as aggressively as they did before when they were over closed.

More sports

I got a call on Saturday because this girl had been hit right on her front teeth with a baseball. Her front tooth had to be removed and we did bone augmentation to repair the damage to the bone. At the same time we made a temporary bridge as in the first photo which attached to the adjacent teeth, one of which we had to do a root canal on because of the injury. You can see the stitches as this photo was taken right after the surgery.
6 months later, we placed an implant and a crown so that she now has the tooth replaced and it isn’t attached to any other tooth! It’s like having the original tooth back!

Spaces and Gaps

Closing up spaces is easily achieved, and we love to do a mock up, or a temporary treatment, just to show you what it will look like before doing the final treatment.

Gum Contouring

This girl was bothered by her “gummy” smile. We used the laser to trim her excess gums, so now her teeth look larger, and less gum shows.

Always bothered by canine look

This girl was always bothered by her “canine” look. We did a quick mock up, just adding on to 2 teeth, and used magic marker to show what the canines or “eye teeth” would look like if the points were trimmed. She was pleased and later we added to just the laterals, and only slightly trimmed the canines. It is amazing what a difference it made, and she is very pleased and much more confident.

Before with no upper teeth

This fellow lost his upper teeth in an accident many years ago, and has worn an upper removable partial denture. He had saved up to have a fixed bridge, and chose us to do it based on a friend’s recommendation and what he saw on our web site.
As you can see in the first photo, he had no room for the bridge! We built up his back teeth to make more space, trimmed the lower front teeth, and placed 2 implants in the upper space. We then had a permanent bridge made that cemented to the implants. So now it’s solid, and it does not come out!

Full Build-up

This fellow also came from 4 hours away, and was sent by another patient who had a full make over done. His teeth were very worn, and he was told nothing could be done. We spent a whole day working on him and built up both his back teeth and the front teeth and he was thrilled. He stayed over in a hotel that night so we could do adjustments the next day, and he said he spent most of his time sending selfies of his new smile to everyone he knew!

Heavy smoker- Before and After

This fellow was a heavy smoker with broken down teeth and lots of stain. We did a full build up in 2 sessions. He still smokes, but a lot less, so they have stained a bit since these photos were taken quite a while after the build up was done

Build-up- Stains-before

This girl had stains and her teeth were different shades. We just did 7 teeth with filling material, and she loves the new look!

Wanted spaces closed

This 20 year old was bothered by the spaces between his teeth. He considered braces, but when we showed him how we could fill in the gaps, he decided to go ahead and have it done. He is very pleased with the final result!

Bridge-old broken one too white

This lady had 2 bridges, but because of her heavy grinding had forced them apart to create a space between them that she didn’t like. She also didn’t like the unnatural brightness of them. We made a large one piece bridge and also built up her lowers so that they all match now and should not separate at the front.

This lady was considering having braces to straighten her front teeth, but her neighbour told her about us. We did a 20 minute mock up to show her what it could look like, she loved it, and here’s the finished case! All done in a few hours rather than 2 years of braces! It was the smile she dreamed of!

Implant Denture case

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