Something else magical happened this week..

My cat suddenly has an interest in me! I love my cat but he's kind of jerk. A vocal, picky, stinky, demanding one. He doesn't hide from people but he is not a lap cat. He prefers feet to hands and only wants to be pet when and where he choosesif you misread his signals, he will bite you. But for some reason, this week, I was the cat's meow.

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Progress Report:

1. Mental

  • I still get bored running nonstop but I'm trying to focus on getting places now that I have a better idea of how long it takes me. For example, I know if I run the whole time, I can get to a certain neighborhood by the half-way point.
  • I'm a little in my head about this being the end. I feel really good that I saw it through, but a little lost now that there's nothing to look forward to. Now it gets really hardsticking with it and improving on my own.
  • Weekly mantra: Not so much a mantra but the lyrics and beat from Young the Giant's "My Body."-My body tells me no, but I won't quit, 'cause I want more.

2. Physical

  • I re-read one of my earlier week's postings and it said in the 'Lessons" section, "3 minutes is a long time." Hahahahaha. I was feeling bad that I could only run for about 20 minutes and not the full 30 required this weekthen I read that and felt a whole lot better.
  • My flexibility has also noticeably improved. Before, stretching hurt and was just a necessity. Now, it really helps me before and after runs. I actually enjoy doing them and I can now do them properly.
  • Pounds -1 pound.
  • BMI Unchanged.

3. Lessons

  • It's important to notice the journey, not just the moment.
  • I can't stop at running or use this program as training wheels any longer.
  • Nutrition and activity have to complement each other.

So, that's the Week 9 program. Did you try anything new this week? Have you completed the C25K training program? Any ideas on how to bathe an 18-pound cat?

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