Most people dread the workweek, but you take it to the next level

Sunday evening most people dread the workweek, but you are able to take dread to the next level. It's common for you either to vomit up or feel like vomiting the night before starting the work week.

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Youre not Enjoying Time with Your Family:

You can't get away from work because you cannot stop obsessing about work all the time. Vacation time is really "mental health time" because of the misery that you experience on the job. Your favorite activities are not appealing or enjoyable. There is no joy in life.

Your Health Is Suffering:

You are not able to sleep, your blood pressure is skyrocketing, and you're gaining weight because you're eating to release stress. In fact, your doctor asks what could be causing your skyrocketing blood pressure and recent health problems, then tells you to change jobs.

Youre not Supported at Work:

There is never enough time, training, or resources to get the job done. This is because you're constantly assigned impossible tasks. Even though you don't have enough resources, the boss is always disappointed and criticizing you. Rather than collaborating with you to get you what you need, the boss is telling you that the work product is not adequate.

Even worse, you constantly attending surprise meetings for which the aim seemingly is only to humiliate you even more. Youre always on guard because strange comments or events come at you from nowhere. There is no telling where the next attack is going to come from or when.

You don't seem to have friends at work. You are treated badly and others know it. People are afraid to engage with you because they think that by collaborating with you they will suffer a similar type of wrath. Worse, people treat you as if you deserve getting yelled or screamed at in front of others.

When you stand up for yourself you're punished. HR tells you there is nothing wrong and that you need to work out your differences with your co-workers or boss. In fact, when you speak directly to the boss about the problem, the boss accuses you of harassing others.

Youve ALWAYS Received Compliments at Work and Now You are Second Guessing Yourself

Before this work experience you have a history of work excellence, it is shocking and strange to hear otherwise and insulting when the news comes from someone who cannot do your job. You lost confidence in yourself and are feeling doomed.

Youve given it a really great try, been resilient and strong, but you are now suspecting that there is something wrong with the workplace.not you.

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